Monday, October 23, 2006

Illusion Jewelry Collections

It is my 3rd Rezzerbirfday, so I have made something to celebrate! Each Illusion set comes with both single and double strands: 2 necklaces, 2 bracelets, 2 pairs of earrings. These will be free for the next 3 days, and only in Miramare. Because these are free it is No Transfer. Oct 27th they both sets will be available for transfer and sale.


Happy Rezzerbirfday!

Unbelievable to think it has been 3 years since I first logged into Second Life. I remember rezzing into the Welcome Area and feeling overwhelmed by all of the people there, so I flew off! I landed in Tan and met the wonderful and now missed Viola Bach. She was so kind that I visited her often. I met Ezhar Fairlight, Lordfly Digeridoo, Nick Rhodes, Nicola Escher, Beryl Greenacre, Malachi Petunia, and Pippin Armstrong. All were residents of the sim Tan (one of the most expensive sims at the time, $3 a sq. m). We paid taxes on rezzing prims and using lights, so I was always broke. Malachi Petunia was so generous, he bought me my first plot of land in Tan. I could only afford to rez a picnic to which everyone contributed to. I wanted jewelry but couldn't afford it, so I made some. Beryl said that it was great and that I should sell the pieces that I made... so Apollo's Jewelry was born. This was changed to Caroline's Jewelry real quick. I made a giant ring for a store. The only problem was that people would sometimes not realize they could just walk through the phantom walls. My store has grown into several locations and a lot of inventory. I've learned a lot about tiny prims.

I have a lot of great memories. I remember going to Beryl's for Trivia, Stage 4 for creation contests held by Misty Rhodes, Alana Monde's for Photo Contests, Misty Rhodes' for pool parties, and Baccara Rhodes' events for most everything else.

Eventually taxes went away, land barons were born, and Second Life was made free to sign up. I am now more into hair than jewelry. My line is called Lo Lo. This name was chosen from a nickname Jauani Wu gave me. My main stores are in Miramare, where I've been since the city sims opened. I'm glad for my time in Second Life and all of the friends that I have made. I wish I would had signed up for a lifetime account, but who knew! So here's to another 3?!!

Me in 2003

My picnic

Monday, October 09, 2006

New Stores

I have been very busy building and rebuilding Caroline's Jewelry and Lo Lo. I am pretty happy with how the jewelry store has turned out and will be placing the new Lo Lo store in Miramare as soon as I convert all of the existing hairstyles into the 28 new colors. Its a lot of work! Here is a picture of the Caroline's Jewelry, located at the hub in Miramare.