Sunday, September 07, 2014

Update Me!

Flutterbun Please update your links and feeds. I have moved to Wordpress :) My new page is Caroline Apollo: cute finds in SL.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Commercial Plot For Rent

Lo Lo For Rent Commercial plot for rent August 1st on the sim Lo Lo. This will be on the plot that !Bang was residing on. This plot is located across from Ingenue. Share the sim with Ingenue, DCNY, ieQED, and EllaBella. Contact Caroline Apollo for more details. 1/8 sim 1875 prims Teleport to Lo Lo UPDATE: This plot has been rented!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Let's Do Lunch

One of my most favorite cafes in SecondLife is Cafe Green Gables. Upon seeing it you will instantly get that warm home like feeling. Greeting you on the steps are a fox and jack dog. BeBe and Jean have spent so much time in the attention to detail with placing items inside and out. You'll find plates of dinner on the tables for a nice date or lunch with a friend. And on the counter are my favorite -tb- Cuppie Teacups.

The bunny and heart sugar cookies are two of my new favorite things that I've recently put inside of my bakery. Laura Leandros of .llama. has been creating some super cute mesh items. The heart sugar cookie tray gives out wearable cookies. These items are adorable and really inexpensive. A sweet Valentine gift. For now you can only find them on Marketplace.

.llama. on Marketplace
Teleport to Cafe Green Gables. Bring a friend!

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Bunny Love

I picked up some super cute things for the Lo Lo Bakery at Mingle!
Mingle is an interactive hud-based event. Much easier to complete the tasks if you bring a friend or an alt. You get a lot of free gifts for completing them all. And there is a gift shop with really nice things for you or your valentine. Teleport to Mingle.

*MishMish* Valentine's Bunny - Be my Valentine
*MishMish* Valentine's Bunny - I Luv You
flowey's original / Tiffany Love Message - Love Cookie
{Imeka~} Heart Cookies
*MishMish* My Other Half - Heart Locker
*MishMish* My Other Half - Key (blue)

(not from mingle)
-tb- Pastry Mania - Cuppie Teacup RARE
-tb- Bon Voyage - MP3 (Purple)