Friday, September 12, 2008

Caroline's Jewelry

New products at Caroline's Jewelry.

Broken Pearl Necklace and Ring in Black Pearl or White Pearl. This lovely strand of pearls is broken on the ends and hanging down in front. As if it had just broken and the pearls have fallen to the floor.

Enamel Gold & Diamond Bangles in various enamel colors. Blue, Green, Brown, Black, Cranberry, and Orange. In gold & silver for the group gift.

Remade jewelry from the past. In 2005 I released a Tiffany Inspired Charm Necklace, this has been updated and is available in Gold or Silver. In 2006 the Timeless Necklace came in Gold or Silver. The pendant is now larger, the chain updated, and besides the usual color change it also has Assorted as an option.

Pearls & Diamonds Flower earrings and ring. Available in White or Black Pearl on Gold or Silver metal. The diamonds surround the pearl to form a flower. Stunning, delicate and beautiful.

Feather Boas are fun, sexy, and sometimes daring! This boa is color change on touch. If you came to my Masquerade Ball you were able to get this for free, but now it is available to everyone. And only 100L.

Finally, I got a lucky chair installed! This contains the Broken Pearl Necklace in both White and Black. The necklace is scripted to move from fixed to broken on touch. You cannot buy the scripted version. The lucky chair is located straight outside the door of the store.

Find it all at Caroline's Jewelry on Lo Lo