Saturday, September 22, 2007

Scavenger Hunt in Nova Albion!

This week the residents of Nova Albion (sims Miramare, Grignano, Barcola, and Sistiana) are holding a scavenger hunt! TP into the landing point and you will find a box with all of the clues in it! Some are easy some are hard.

Unfortunately, we have a griefer today. Please put Louie Lovenkraft on mute before coming over so that you will not be spammed by his objects. In case you are wondering, it tries to give you an object every second SUPPOSEDLY made by Ryan and Philip Linden. But, I'm sure it is a sim crasher. weee noobs.

Hunt ends on next Sunday evening.

Teleport via SLURL


On an ordinary midsummer day, Magellan Linden decided to go for a cup of coffee at CAFE JACK in Grignano. His favorite spot for coffee and daily newspaper during the weekend. There, he was confronted by a frantic, yet beautiful woman. She had tears in her soft brown eyes as she handed Magellan a folder of tattered notes. She is asking you to find her lost ...

Your mission is to find the missing items scattered throughout the Nova Albion city sims. These include Miramare, Sistiana, Grignano, and Barcola.

Should you choose to accept this mission and complete the tasks you will be greatly rewarded with many prizes.

Check the Scavenger Hunt Box at the starting point for all of the clues! Bring friends!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Celestina Faberge Eggs & The Independent Ring

Faberge Eggs

New Celestina Faberge Eggs. One in Gold and the other Platinum.
On touch the egg opens to reveal a stunning diamond ring! (also included to wear)

These are available at Caroline's Jewelry on the sim Lo Lo and make a fabulous gift for her!

Independent Rings by Caroline.

These are rings for the right hand. A woman wearing a ring on the right hand symbolizes independence, strength, and success.

Each ring has an on/off twinkle. A couple of them can be changed from gold to silver on command.

Last week I released several wedding sets, I hope you didn't miss seeing them!

Remember September 15-22 is the Jewelry Expo. Visit my site (#12/not far from auction house) for your FREEBIES. . You can also find the new items on display at the expo. There will be a tp in my profile.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Wedding Sets!

Many New Designs and a Few Remade Wedding Sets are out now in my main store on the sim Lo Lo.

Each ring has a Color change (gold/silver)

Rings with gems have a twinkle (on/off)

Women's rings have a wedding band (hide/show) that you can use as an engament ring until the big day!

Also a FREE Promise Ring is waiting for you.

These are all in the far/back NW corner of my store. Caroline's Jewelry on the sim Lo Lo.