Sunday, April 06, 2008

(Caroline's) Lots of New Jewelry and a New Store

I hope you didn't miss the party last night! So many of you came and I thank you all for being such wonderful company! DJ Madame Maracas streamed the tunes, and FACES Models showed off the jewelry. Paparazzi pictures on flickr. If you did miss the party then do stop by to see the new build filled with several new jewelry items. Some are available in either Gold or Silver. The Pearl Necklace that goes down the back comes in either White or Black Pearl. There is also a set for SLRFL that you will definitely want to come by and pick up. During the party there was a robbery! Oh no! It seems as if someone had stolen the party gifts, his and hers black and white diamond rings. Luckily I had a feeling something like this would happen so I had a detective on hand. After questioning the guests the culprit got scared and tried to run! But Detective Manray chased him and the gifts were returned! Read about it here. Some of you were just hilarious with your responses.

Teleport to Caroline's Jewelry

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

(Caroline's) Black Tie Affair

I would like to invite you to the opening of my new store build and the release of several new jewelry items. This is a Black Tie Affair! yay A reason to dress up!

Models from FACES will be in store wearing the newest items.
DJ Madame Maracas will have us dancing to her streaming tunes.

Join me, Saturday, April 5 from 5-8pm SLT.
Caroline's Jewelry
Sim Lo Lo