Saturday, June 27, 2009

(Caroline's) Hair Accessories

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New hair accessories at my main store.

Crown Hair Comb - (diamonds with gold/silver)
Heart Hair Comb - (diamonds with gold/silver)
Diamond Hair Barrettes - (gold/silver) Resizer
Lily Hair Clip - Resizer
Hair Bows - Large and Small - Color Change on touch
Hair Pearls - Made to work with ETD Chel Hair - Resizer

These have multiple attachment points (mouth/chin). Lily Hair Clip also has left/right).
All are No Transfer/No Modify/Yes Copy. Some have the resizer script. See above.
They will be on soon for gift giving.

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I also have a small shop on Starlust A La Mode sim BILL. Make sure to stop on the bridge to get all of the freebie/dollarbies.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

(Caroline's) Retro Dots

This is not new, but remade. The old retro dots set required that you buy several sets in order to have all of the colors. I have dropped in a menu that will allow you to change the texture, turn shiny on/off, and bright on/off. A matching bracelet is also for sale. You can pick these up at my store or at the Fashion Expo. Transfer version in store, copy version on xstreetsl.

Also, I did make the bracelet to match the Graduated Color Beads Necklace. It is now at the Fashion Expo!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Fashion Expo

The Graduated Color Beads necklace is menu driven. On touch you can choose a color, turn shiny on/off or bright on/off. Proceeds benefit RFL and this week the necklace can only be found at the Fashion Expo. This necklace was made from my Retro Dots set which I have redone and will show you tomorrow.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Fashion Expo

Today is the first day of the Fashion Expo held by the All Stars team to benefit the American Cancer Society. The sims are done in a Wizard of Oz theme and are super cute. Lag should be pretty low since we weren't allowed any scripts except one (besides our RFL vendors). I have a couple of vendors at my mini store to benefit RFL. The first is this HOPE bracelet made of pink diamonds and silver. It has a bright on/off by touch option. The Fashion Expo runs from June 8-14.