Sunday, November 12, 2006

Winter Accessories

New and super cute accessories for winter! Vintage hats and muffs, beanies and flexi scarves, flexi small scarves, and flexi scarves that hang down the back. These are all modify, copy, and no transfer. IM me for gift giving.

Friday, November 10, 2006

New Stuff!

I recently decided to make a full commitment to SL when I purchased my, yet to be received, island. Now you can count on new content every week (except next week when I will be on a cruise (yay) during the days I set aside for creating).

I haven't been releasing new hair, because when I'm not toilet papering Fallingwater's or Panthar's places, I am redoing all of the old hairs into the new 28 colors.. and omg does that take a long time. But I will still do that when I can and make new hair too. I have been holed up way too long creating stuff, that I kept getting burnt out on SL. Recently I have decided to get out of Miramare more and play. You gotta have fun, too!

Onto the new content.. Diabolique asked yesterday for some Door Knocker earrings so I made some simple sets up real quick like. She loved them and they look good.

I was on a Chinese jewelry kick and ended up making a Jade Donut Necklace, Jade Tusk Necklace, 3 bangles, and a Chinese Charm Bracelet. The charms are so cute. If you remember the old Buddha that we used to run around with for Snapshot Contests, mine was modeled after that one. Each necklace comes with 2 bangles as shown in the pictures. (Of course someone had to show me up and make a cute and even smaller Buddha.. you buddha butt!)

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