Wednesday, December 23, 2009

(Caroline's) Graduated Pearls

Graduated pearls in White, Black, Black & White, and Multi are now at Caroline's Jewerly. Each set comes with the necklace and matching bracelet.

Members of Caroline's Jewelry Group in world can pick up the Black & White version this month as a gift.

Hope you didn't miss out on the SL Daily Deals earlier this month. But if you did get your copy now.

The new gift certificates are out. If you have one expiring soon please make sure to turn it in before December 31st!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Caroline's - SL Daily Deals

Starting today at 9am SLT Caroline's Jewelry will be participating in SL Daily Deals. A new Graduating White Pearl Collection will be set for sale at $50L. Only 100 of these will be sold at this price, and then they can be purchased for $200L.

This collection includes a Graduating White Pearl Necklace, Graduating White Pearl Bracelet, and White Pearl Stud Earrings. Resizeable, Copy/No Transfer, and Bright On/Off.

Hurry over to grab one while they are on sale. Teleport to Caroline's

Thursday, November 26, 2009

(Caroline's) Torus Earrings

The Torus Hoop Earrings from Caroline's are scripted to change color on touch using a menu. There really is no reason to clog your inventory up with 18+ different pairs of the same earrings. One pair will do!

One pair of earrings. 36 variations.
18 hoop color choices + 2 hook metal color choices (gold/silver)

Black Friday sale 50L.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

[Lion & Lamb]

Added Bella's Moonstone Necklace to the Lucky Chair. Bella's Crest Ring, Moonstone Ring, St. Jude Bracelet, and Turquoise Bracelet can all be purchased in the main store.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

[Lion & Lamb]

New arrivals to the lucky chair. Additions to the [Lion & Lamb] series are Midnight Earrings and Ring worn by Rosalie. The necklace is Not in the Lucky Chair, but available for sale in the store. See my previous post for other items in the series.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

[Lion & Lamb]

and so the lion fell in love with the lamb.

Several new items at Caroline's. You might recognize the theme here. All items are resizeable and copy/no transfer. Some items pictured are Bella's St. Jude bracelet, her turquoise bracelet, and her moonstone ring. Also you'll find Alice's choker, in not one but two styles and two colors. Emmett and Edward's leather cuff will fit both male and female. My favorite is Rosalie's crest necklace. Come to Caroline's Jewelry on Lo Lo to see the complete collection. In world group members also have a new gift waiting for them.

Friday, October 23, 2009

(Caroline's) Vintage Key Necklaces

Three vintage key charm necklaces are already in my store on the sim Lo Lo. Heart, Simple, and Fleur de lis. Keys are mysterious. What will it open? And some say they are the key to one's heart. These keys are scripted with color change. Black, Silver, Gold, and Rose are the choices. Also, they each have a resize script in case the fit isn't perfect. Today is my 6th rezday. Unbelievable to myself even. The Heart Vintage Key Necklace is my gift to you today (in store only/copy only). Thank you for 6 fun years!

Transfer versions in store slurl
Copy versions on Xstreet

Saturday, September 19, 2009

(Caroline's) Pirate Hats

Talk like a pirate day is Today! September 19. Get your free pirate hat at my main store in Lo Lo. slurl

Party tonight 6-9pm slt. Come dressed as a pirate!

Forbidden apple hunt ends tomorrow.
Fishing for jewelry is always available.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Jewelry Fair 2009

Jewelry Fair 2009 is underway. This is the first year that the fair is being held on two sims. The sim is decorated in four seasons (spring, summer, winter, fall) and built as a maze. This way you will not miss one of the over 100 jewelers represented here. Remember to check out the drunking booth, kissing booth, and the auction.

Look for JewelryFair 1 and JewelryFair 2 on the map.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

(Caroline's) Baby Turtle Jewelry Sets

Turtles, Jade, and Opal have all been linked to several countries believing these bring good luck. Let's hope it brings you some luck too.

The jewelry set it made to change gemstones on touch. Just touch one of the jewelry pieces and you can change the gemstone of all (necklace and earrings).

Available in Gold or Silver in my Turtle Shop. Turtle eggs available here too.

The set sold on XstreetSL is copy/resizeable.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lo Lo Forbidden Apple Hunt

The Forbidden Apple Hunt is still going on the sim Lo Lo.


Locate 14 Apples hidden on the sim. Get the goodies inside!

Hints: The apples can be inside or outside of the stores. You will not find any hidden in the SW part of the sim. The apples are numbered 1-14 so you will know when you've found them all.

Good luck and the hunt goes on until the 20th, so take your time and enjoy the sim.

Thank you to the Participating Shops: (you will find something inside and outside of these stores)
Bliss Couture
Caroline's Jewelry
FD Decor
Rose Petal Creations

Friday, September 11, 2009

Forbidden Fruit Hunt

Caroline's has hidden this set (also in silver).

September 11 - 20th.

Locate 14 Apples hidden on the sim. Get the goodies inside!

Hints: The apples can be inside or outside of the stores. You will not find any hidden in the SW corner of the sim. The apples are numbered 1-14 so you will know when you've found them all.

Good luck and the hunt goes on until the 20th, so take your time and enjoy the sim.

Thank you to the Participating Shops:
Bliss Couture
Caroline's Jewelry
FD Decor
Rose Petal Creations

Thursday, September 10, 2009

(Caroline) Calla Lily Hair Sticks

The Calla Lily Hair Sticks come in two attachment spots with both single and double sticks.

Avi Hair Sticks comes in 6 gemstones shown here. Each stick can change to gold, silver, or black. Two attachment spots each stick and they come in single and double sticks.

Get them at my main store

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Lo Lo Forbidden Fruit Hunt

Sim wide hunt September 11 - 20. Stores on the sim will be hiding apples for you to find with goodies stuffed inside. Doesn't start until September 11 12:01am slt.


Monday, September 07, 2009

(Caroline's) Victoria Cameo Broach

Only available as September Group Gift. A thank you gift for my in world group. This broach is currently not for sale.

Cameos are timeless. They have been worn by Catherine the Great, Empress Josephine, and Queen Victoria. Empress Josephine brought them back into style during her time with Napoleon. Queen Victoria was also known to have worn cameo jewelry often and gave them as gifts.

This cameo broach is like having ten broaches in one. Scripted to change the cameo face on touch and to turn the Bright effect on or off.


Sunday, September 06, 2009

Caroline's Jewelry

The Nicola Cameo line now has a matching ring. On touch you can choose from one of ten cameo faces. The cameo locket necklace has been updated to do the same. Instead of being stuck with just one look you can now change it in a second. The necklace is also now transferable for easy gift giving.

See my blog for more previous cameo news. Or stop by the store

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Caroline's Jewelry


Josephine cameo rings renamed to Josephina. Now with 10 cameo faces and available in black metal. Newly crafted matching earrings. Goes perfectly with the Satin Ribbon Cameo Necklace. Plus many other new cameo items. Bracelets, Rings, Earrings, and Necklaces.

September at Caroline's

New and updated cameo jewelry.

- Cameo Lockets are now transferable. You can still buy copy/no transfer on (note I have not put anything new on xstreet, yet)
- New colors. Besides new cameo faces you can get the cameos in black metal. Not just gold and silver.
- Fat packs. Most items can be bought in fat packs. Such as rings and bracelets.
- New items. So many new things!

The cameo charm set will go with all of the cameo jewelry in store. The earrings have been updated and now available in black metal. The bracelet is totally new. Each cameo item comes scripted to change the cameo face by touch.

Stop by the store to see all of the new things located in the cameo section. New hair sticks in the main area.

In world September group gift located at the front of the store!


Monday, August 31, 2009

Disco Party

What are you doing Saturday night? You're coming to the party on Lo Lo! Disco themed so get our your polyester, wide collars, vests, and chunky heels! We're going to be dancing under the mirrored disco ball from 6-9pm slt. Prize for Best Dressed and other random prizes. Hosted by Caroline Apollo. Music by DJ Madame Maracas of RadioRadio.

Friday, August 07, 2009

(Caroline's) Half Off Sale

Gold Ladybug Necklace

The whole sim of Lo Lo is having a Half Off Sale.
A Piece of Candy (clothes)
Caroline's Jewelry
FD Decor (lounger)
Ingenue (too many to count - hair and clothes)
Mela's Skins and Shapes (friends pose)
My Precious Agnes Finney (gown)
Rose Petal Creations (9 items on sale)

At Caroline's Jewelry this is not a new item. But for this week the gold and silver version of the Ladybug Necklace are Half Price.
- Tells correct time
- Wings open on touch
- Color change wings, trim, face


Sunday, August 02, 2009

(Caroline's) Nautical Jewelry

dolphin gold

Catch these jewelry pieces using the 7Seas fishing system or purchase them in store. Several new pieces include dolphins, starfish, anchors, wheels, chokers of all colors (unisex), and bangles. About 15 pieces of jewelry and new custom ducks in the pond. Try to catch the whole collection. Only on sim Lo Lo.

See my flickr stream for a few more images of the jewelry or stop by the main store. Fish in the pond by the Lo Lo Shops for the custom catchables. Rose Farina offers a free bikini in front of her shop to put you in fashionable theme.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

(Caroline's) Nautical Jewelry

Lo Lo Fishing Contest

Join me tonight at 5:30pm SLT for a fishing contest using the 7Seas system. New jewelry and custom "fish" that you can fish for! Come and hang out if you don't want to fish. Several new shops on Lo Lo to visit in a relaxed atmosphere. The new jewelry will also be available for purchase inside the main store at that time.


Also, there is a new flickr group for anyone wearing Caroline's Jewelry in the image. Add your flickr images here.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Lo Lo Shops

Lo Lo Shops Rental

6 shops on the sim Lo Lo are now available for rent. Share a sim with mainstores Caroline's Jewelry, Ingenue, and Mela's. Preferably looking for designers of Hair, Shoes, and Clothes. Contact Caroline Apollo for info or stop by the stores for a notecard.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

(Caroline's) Athena Pearls

athena in black

I have updated the Athena Pearls. There used to be a red heart pendant, but I think the Pearl Drop looks a lot classier.

Menu driven to hide the pearl charm, Turn bright on or off, Change the metal to silver or gold.

You will find it to the right in the pearl room when you enter the store.

Caroline's Jewelry on Lo Lo

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Sale @ Caroline's

Fashion Mode is having a 2 day sale throughout the mall. I have put all of my heart jewelry on sale for 1/2 price at this location only. That means each set is only L$100! SLURL

Saturday, June 27, 2009

(Caroline's) Hair Accessories

Click Image to Enlarge

New hair accessories at my main store.

Crown Hair Comb - (diamonds with gold/silver)
Heart Hair Comb - (diamonds with gold/silver)
Diamond Hair Barrettes - (gold/silver) Resizer
Lily Hair Clip - Resizer
Hair Bows - Large and Small - Color Change on touch
Hair Pearls - Made to work with ETD Chel Hair - Resizer

These have multiple attachment points (mouth/chin). Lily Hair Clip also has left/right).
All are No Transfer/No Modify/Yes Copy. Some have the resizer script. See above.
They will be on soon for gift giving.

Teleport to Main Store

I also have a small shop on Starlust A La Mode sim BILL. Make sure to stop on the bridge to get all of the freebie/dollarbies.

Teleport to Bill

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

(Caroline's) Retro Dots

This is not new, but remade. The old retro dots set required that you buy several sets in order to have all of the colors. I have dropped in a menu that will allow you to change the texture, turn shiny on/off, and bright on/off. A matching bracelet is also for sale. You can pick these up at my store or at the Fashion Expo. Transfer version in store, copy version on xstreetsl.

Also, I did make the bracelet to match the Graduated Color Beads Necklace. It is now at the Fashion Expo!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Fashion Expo

The Graduated Color Beads necklace is menu driven. On touch you can choose a color, turn shiny on/off or bright on/off. Proceeds benefit RFL and this week the necklace can only be found at the Fashion Expo. This necklace was made from my Retro Dots set which I have redone and will show you tomorrow.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Fashion Expo

Today is the first day of the Fashion Expo held by the All Stars team to benefit the American Cancer Society. The sims are done in a Wizard of Oz theme and are super cute. Lag should be pretty low since we weren't allowed any scripts except one (besides our RFL vendors). I have a couple of vendors at my mini store to benefit RFL. The first is this HOPE bracelet made of pink diamonds and silver. It has a bright on/off by touch option. The Fashion Expo runs from June 8-14.


Friday, May 29, 2009

(Caroline's) Tassel Jewelry Sets

Flexi Tassel Jewelry Sets at Caroline's Jewelry. The necklace and earrings come in Silver, Gold, or Black. The delicate tassels are flexi and sway ever so softly. This jewelry set can be worn with dressy or casual clothes making it ultimately versatile. Transfer version is available in store or copy only on xstreet.


Friday, May 15, 2009

(Caroline's) Cupcake Jewelry Sets

If you adore cupcakes you will love this. Little gold and silver cupcake charms necklace and earrings sets. The silver cupcake has pink frosting with silver sprinkles, and the gold cupcake has gold frosting with gemstone sprinkles. Buy them on xstreet or in world at my store.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

(Caroline's) Watches

I've made 6 styles of watches with several options. All have moving prim hands that keep accurate SL (PST) time.

Beatific Watch Bangles - This watch is more for those formal occassions. The watch comes in Gold or Silver with a large White Pearl in the center. The pearl sits in the center of a multitude of diamonds shaped flower. Touch the pearl and it will move to expose the time.

Pearl Watch Bracelets - Pearls are classic. They never go out of style and can be worn with most anything. The watches come in both White and Black Pearl and set in either Silver or Gold. I have also made a Pink Pearl RFL Edition watch.

Charmed Watch Bracelets - Available in Gold or Silver. Three charms hang from the watch links. The time, a heart, and a cupcake with sprinkles.

Rock Candy Watch - One watch with many different looks. The Rock Candy Watch is menu driven. The alligator leather wrist band can be changed from white, black, brown, or pink. Likewise, the metal and face give the choices of gold, silver, or black. The face of the watch is surrounded by diamonds.

Prink Watch Bracelets - Choose from a Silver or Gold watch bracelet. 7 diamonds and 7 rubies are laid in the links of the bracelet.

Regale Watch Bangles - Most of us like to stack bangles on our wrists. It can be quite impossible in SL when the watch is just a watch. This one comes stacked with four bangles. Named Regale for the vintage diamonds surrounding the watch band and its exquisite style.

Each watch is $300 and Transfer. The RFL watches come as a set for $500. You can purchase Copy instead of Transfer at later today for $330 in all but the RFL edition watches.

Teleport to Caroline's

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Scripted Broken Pearl Necklace now for sale

I have been asked many many times to make the scripted version of my Broken Pearl Necklace for sale. Before this was only available in my lucky chair. The unscripted version has been taken out of the store and replaced with these new boxes.

On touch this necklace will appear broken. As if you have had a long night out in a club and your necklace broke. Or maybe you were in a fight.. Touch it again and it mends itself. The necklace in store is Transferable.

If you purchase the necklace from Xstreet you will not only get the scripted version, but also a second necklace set to bright. This version is Copy only.
Black Pearls White Pearls


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Claddagh Rings

The Irish Claddagh Ring symbolizes Love, Friendship, and Commitment.

These rings are Menu Driven with:
Gemstone Color Change (diamond, sapphire, pink diamond, emerald, gold, silver, onyx, amethyst, and ruby.
Metal Color Change (gold, silver, gold & silver, silver & gold).
Bright On/Off

Caroline's Jewelry

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Caroline's - Retrology Sale

Retrology is having a half off sale starting Thursday, February 12. You can find several heart pendant necklaces in my little shop marked at half price. Sale ends Monday, February 16.


Sunday, February 08, 2009

Caroline's Jewelry - Floating Heart

A new floating heart on a double chain necklace was just added to my line of jewelry. You will find it with other new releases in the front of the store. This necklace comes in either gold or silver. The heart is the most widely known symbol for love. Perfect for Valentine's Day gifts.

The new Floating Heart Double Chain necklaces have been added to my Lucky Chair (moved inside the store). The scripted broken pearl necklace in black or white pearl are also both still in the chair. The scripted version of the Broken Pearl Necklace is not available for sale. On touch it will appear fixed or broken.

Visit Caroline's Jewelry

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Caroline's Sesen Jewelry Set

In Egypt, Sesen means Lotus. This flower is a symbol for rebirth and creation. The lotus flower was used extensively in Egyptian art. The stone is Lapis Lazuli and was a favorite in Egyptian jewelry. It was worn by royalty and found on King Tut's coffin. The stones on the necklace are sculpted. This jewelry set is styled after early Egyptian art and turned into more modern and wearable pieces.

The Sesen Jewelry set will be on the Kings Rezzable sim which opens Friday, February 6th. And later on my sim Lo Lo. The sim will have an Egyptian Art and King Tut theme with artworks by Light Waves.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Caroline's Hearts

New today at Caroline's Jewelry are several sets of heart pendant jewelry. First we have a heart lariat necklace. This set comes in Gold, Silver, or Tricolor (gold, silver, and rose). Each set has matching earrings. These items are transferable for gift giving.

The second set was actually released last week. I thought I had blogged it, but apparently I didn't.

Color Change Heart Set in Gold or Silver. The heart is a symbol of love and romance . On touch you can change the heart from Red to Black, Gold, or Silver. Necklace with matching earrings included.

Gold & Diamonds Heart Set / Silver & Diamonds Heart Set. Stylish and simplistic. A floating heart with multiple embedded diamonds . Something you will wear way past Valentine's Day. Necklace and earrings included.

Either set is a perfect gift for Valentine's Day which is approaching soon! Visit Caroline's Jewelry