Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ingenue Limited Edition Shoes

Ingenue's Lilium Limited Edition Valentine's Pack shoes are today's SLDD. Don't you just love the colors! Betty has been doing such a wonderful job with her shoes. I love them all. But these are my favorite and I couldn't wait to have them. There will only ever be 100 sets of this Lilium shoe color combo. Today they are L$525 if you get them through the SLDD special. The Lilium shoes are resizeable, but that wasn't necessary for me at all. Most of us have learned to make our feet size 0.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

(Caroline's) iloveu Necklaces

Adding to the line of Script Letter Jewelry is an iloveu necklace. A sweet way to tell someone iloveu. The perfect Valentine's Gift. Don't forget I also do custom initial/name jewelry too. Stop by the store for more info.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

(Caroline's) Custom Initials/Name Script Necklaces

Now you can get the initials of you and your partner on a necklace. Choose a <3 or & to connect yourselves. Also available are custom name necklaces. Script letters spell out your name or message. Instead of your name maybe you'd like Taken, Single, Sexy, or Bunny.

One script resizer equipped. Black, gold, or silver metals. Stop by the store for more information or IM Caroline Apollo.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

(Caroline's) LOVE Charms Necklace

LOVE Charms necklace. An elegant script spells out love.
This necklace is classy and casual at the same time.

Available in Gold or Silver


(Caroline's) Initial Jewelry

Personalize your look with script letter jewelry.

Available in Silver or Gold
Letters A-Z plus ?
Resizeable/No Transfer (contact me for gift giving)


Friday, January 08, 2010

Then & Now

Wow this is really hard to show. I promise I was wearing a skin in 04, but they weren't like todays. Not one bit. The only prim hair I can remember were buns on top of Linden hair. I have worse pictures from 2003, but you're eyeballs would hate you. And you need them to see my pretty jewelry. This is from an untouched snapshot (besides I cropped out a lot of tree). I made that shirt too :p I think Nicola Escher made me this skin.

This is me now. Touched up but still even if it wasn't 100% improvement. I went from Starley skins to MOJO. I mainly wear hair from Truth now.

Ok here it is. *embarrassed* The earlier shot I wasn't going to show. So I'm dragging innocents in with me. Nicola Escher, Fizik Baskerville, and Caroline Apollo at the opening of Avalon. The first island to be auctioned in SL. Sorry it's so tiny but it came from a snapshot I found in my inventory.

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