Thursday, August 31, 2006

New Store and Items!

I have been busy! I took down the Miramare Towers, which have stood since early 2004, and replaced them with a roomier and easier to navigate store. Now that it is up I realize that maybe one of my old builds would go more with the Miramare futuristic theme. So, maybe later I will tear it down and rebuild. I like doing that anyways. I like the new look so it might be a few months.. maybe. (thoughts are going crazy in my head with ideas!) I'll post the pictures later.

While cleaning out my inventory I found an old newsboy cap that I made and never released. Jauani said it wasn't good enough, and that I could do better. So, I got busy with something else and never finished it. Well, I think its good enough so here it is. It comes modify/copy so you can change the color and size it to fit your head. Plus, it isn't attached to skull, so you can wear it with your hair!

I also made 3 new shoes. 2 sandals and 1 stiletto. The first sandal has is scripted so that you can change the colors of the straps. The stiletto is not hooker height. And the last sandal has a Tiger's Eye gem in it.

Another thing I found while cleaning out my inventory was this Timeless Necklace. I finished it and scripted it so the gemstones change color. So you get Ruby, Pink, Emerald, Peridot, Sapphire, Amethyst, Orange, Yellow, Diamond.. there might be more but thats all I can think of right now. You get a gold and a silver necklace in one purchase, and the gemstone changes.. so its like you get 18 necklaces! If you think about it.

I have many more ideas and a long weekend to make them!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Medium Flexi Hair

You'll find new flexi hair in a medium length at Lo Lo. Several shades to choose from. Hope you like it!

p.s. Excuse the mess as I am trying to rebuild the Miramare Towers for a more accessible and convenient shopping experience. I also found some unreleased jewelry in my inventory as I was trying to clean it up.. look for that soon.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Eye of the Tiger

No, not the song by Survivor. I just released this jewelry set that has been sitting in my inventory just waiting to come out! You get 2 sets, one black and one silver. Earrings and necklace with Yellow Radiant Diamonds and a Tiger's Eye Gemstone.


I really don't want my blog to be a whine fest. But really this has to be said.

We are losing the forums, some what. I myself think that this is a bad idea. It pretty much kept me up to date on new releases, events, hacks/exploits - pretty much everything SL. I do Not read the Events listing because it is 98% sex events, I can't possibly read everyone's blog, nor can the bloggers blog about everyone's release. The forums are great as they are, and I hope someone (maybe SLUniverse) will be the new forums to go to. It is kind of funny though, the Lindens are taking away the forums because it is just too much to moderate. Now everyone has something to say about the forum blog and the Lindens are having to read and moderate Every single comment posted to the blog. So really, why not leave the forums. But, enough about this, there has been a greater loss.

The most amazing sculpture artist has left SL. Starax packed up his things and left. We really wouldn't had let him go if we knew beforehand, so he did the right thing by leaving quietly. If he had only left his vendors though... I will cherish every item he made for me and the others I have collected. He was so funny and great to hang with, and I know he was a teacher to many people. I hope he comes back one day. Good luck to you, Starax.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

New Style

I just finished up a new hairstyle. It is multi-layered and has short bangs to go with it. The bangs are detachable so you can use longer bangs from another Lo Lo Hairstyle if you so desire. Hope you like this new hairstyle, I will eventually get around to putting the last two releases in the older textures that I have. I just really hate making boxes.