Wednesday, September 13, 2006

So many colors!

28 colors! I decided that I have too many textures/colors that I like to use on my hairs, and making boxes for all of them in every hair style would totally lag the sim. So, I followed what other designers do and made boxes with the textures shown and 1 main box with the style shown. When you TP into Lo Lo Miramare, you will see two hair styles already done like this. But, of course, you want to try on the different colors. I made a non flexi basic hair style for only $1L. However, since each box contains two shades it is $2L. This is serving more as a demo for a choice of textures (shades/hair coloring), plus there will be a no modify demo for each style in the DEMO stamped shade. I named the textures demo - Shade. Already I have my latest hair style with the color changing barrettes in all of the shades. I will work on all of the rest daily while adding more when I can. TP to Lo Lo

Monday, September 04, 2006

New Flexi Hair

I made some really cute hair this weekend. It has color changing barrettes. And you can have a different color in the left and right. I also couldn't decide on short or long bangs, so you get both. There are several colors to choose from. All found at Lo Lo in Miramare!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Yay! Someone likes my stuff!

elka Lehane was sweet enough to blog about a couple of my new items on PXP. She blogged about the necklace and sandals that use the Tiger's Eye gemstone. It's a really different gemstone that someone requested on a set probably six months ago. I'm not one of those designers whose items gets blogged about every week, so it is totally awesome when someone takes note, especially someone like elka whose items are quite impressive.