Sunday, February 26, 2012

(Caroline's Jewelry) White Cat Pendant Necklace

Caroline's Jewelry White Cat Pendant

Someone in SL sent me a message requesting a white cat version of my black cat necklace. Her friend had just lost her white cat. So sad. I made the necklace for her and heard that she really liked it! The friend helped pick out just the right white color. Just like the black cat and longer chain version, this necklace is only L$75. Right now only in my mainstore, but soon also at my kittycat shacks.


Also, you just have a couple of hours left for the Super Bargain Saturday event. This pearls & cameo necklace is only L$60 until midnight (or until I wake up Sunday).

Caroline's Jewelry Pearls & Cameo Black Gold

!Bang Pose
Ingenue clothes
Pink Fuel skin
elikatira hair
Top picture - Chelle makeup

Saturday, February 25, 2012

(Caroline's) Pearls & Cameo Necklace for SBS

Caroline's Jewelry Pearls & Cameo Black Gold

This is my first day in Super Bargain Saturday! I am so excited! What I have for you this month is a charming cameo necklace surrounded by delicate tiny pearls. Upon touching the necklace you will get a drop down menu. This menu allows you to choose from 10 Cameo Faces, set bright on or off, and resize your necklace. The white pearl version was made for Vintage Fair in November 2011. Each will normally be $200L but for Saturday, February 25 these will be only 60L.

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Elikatira hair
Pink Fuel skin
Ingenue top
!Bang pose

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Festival of Sin - Lo Lo

Festival of Sin - Lo Lo

The designers from the sim Lo Lo are participating in Festival of Sin.

Mesh shoes in 8 colors from Ingenue. Wrath

Tangled Mess necklace from Caroline's in 3 colors. Sloth

3 pose packs with props from !Bang Sloth

You must be age verified to enter the Diablo sim. This can be easily done on the Second Life website. The Festival of Sin is open now until March 3rd.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Carolines @ Festival of Sin

Caroline's Jewelry Tangled Mess

Caroline's Jewelry is participating in this year's Festival of Sin. The theme given to Caroline's is Sloth. I found this somewhat hard to fit into. Lust, greed, envy, or vain sounds easier. As I thought about sloths, and what they would be like, I imagined them laying around and being very messy. Which led me to this necklace. I believe if their jewelry got into a tangled mess, then so be it. They would surely not untangle it or care. Hope you enjoy my tangled mess.

Available in Black, Silver, and Gold metals.

Caroline's Jewelry Sluggard

Sluggard is another necklace that I made for the festival. It is black cord with black and white pearls. A simple necklace that would go with anything. It was made for women, but could possibly work for men. It is resizer equipped.

Get these all Saturday, February 18 at the Festival of Sin!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

(Caroline's Jewelry) Heart Jewely Set Group Gift

Caroline's Jewelry Heart Jewelry Set (GIFT)

Members of Caroline's Jewelry Group in world received this jewelry set today. The Heart Jewelry Set will be available to group members February 14-27. Not only does it come in the gold shown, but also a silver version can be found in the gift box. Thank you for being a member and giving up a group slot for me. It means a lot since slots are so valuable!

(note: this gift is available to Caroline's Jewelry Group in world, not the subscriber kiosk group)

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

(Caroline's Jewelry) Dangling Hearts

Caroline's Jewelry Dangling Hearts

Dangling Hearts Necklace and Earrings in Gold and Silver. This lovely necklace has five hearts in different textures that dangle on a linked chain with clasp. Get the matching earrings to complete the set! The perfect gift for Valentine's Day. A Transfer Version is available just for that!

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Caroline's Jewelry Dangling Hearts Earrings

Friday, February 10, 2012

(Caroline's Jewelry) Angel Necklace

Caroline's Jewelry Angel Necklace

This is the Angel Necklace that was made especially for the Juicy Crush on You Event. The heart gemstone hangs from the two delicate angel wings. The necklace is available in Gold and Silver, and the gemstone can be changed to 6 different colors. A transfer version is also available.

Juicy Crush on You Event starts today and ends February 18th. During this time you will find this necklace only at the event.