Saturday, June 02, 2007

Clear, Lucite, and FLEXI Bangles

Trendy for this summer are translucent bangles. These Clear Bangles come in 3 embellishment color varieties. Too cute for summer. 7 hot Lucite Bangles are sure to match any outfit and definitely fashionable. The best part of my new releases are the Flexi Bangles that come in gold, silver, and black. Flexi and tiny prims don't mesh, but come see how I managed to add it. Lastly, Hoop Earrings are classic. They never ever go out of style. I have classic round hoops, 3 hoops, and the double hoops that Eva Longoria is always seen wearing. You get this in silver and gold. Every set is 100L and no transfer, but will be on SLEXchange soon. Right now grab them from my store on Lo Lo


Caroline Apollo said...

Hethr Engel at Closet Crisis shows them off.

Caroline Apollo said...

No clue where my link went to in the comment

Closet Crisis