Sunday, August 26, 2007

A long day of shrooms

Today several of us went around and found most of The Great SLCC Mushroom Hunt shrooms. My inventory is on overload now! Thanks to all of the contributors! I got up to my home and tried on all of the goodies and here is what I ended up looking like. Fashion Diva, no? Definitely go out and find these goodies, there are tons! Skins, clothes, shoes, jewelry, homes, cars, and more. It ends sometime Sunday.

SLCC Hunt Contributor List


Anonymous said...

Hehehhe that was so fun! What she doens't mention is that it was this wild pack of fashionistas tping a dozen at a time :D

Anonymous said...

it's her sense of style i love the most. yer gonna start a new trend. if there's an attachment point: fill it.

Arianna Psaltery said...

Omg! I had so much fun...I almost found them all...just missing 4 from the list she put out :D