Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Celestina Faberge Eggs & The Independent Ring

Faberge Eggs

New Celestina Faberge Eggs. One in Gold and the other Platinum.
On touch the egg opens to reveal a stunning diamond ring! (also included to wear)

These are available at Caroline's Jewelry on the sim Lo Lo and make a fabulous gift for her!

Independent Rings by Caroline.

These are rings for the right hand. A woman wearing a ring on the right hand symbolizes independence, strength, and success.

Each ring has an on/off twinkle. A couple of them can be changed from gold to silver on command.

Last week I released several wedding sets, I hope you didn't miss seeing them!

Remember September 15-22 is the Jewelry Expo. Visit my site (#12/not far from auction house) for your FREEBIES. . You can also find the new items on display at the expo. There will be a tp in my profile.

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