Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Party Time!

We're having a party! My 4th year rezday is October 23 and there is going to be a party! Since Halloween will be following soon after, the party will be a combo Rezday/Halloween Costume Party! DJ Madame Maracas will be playing the music. A pumpkin hunt will be going on sim wide. Join us 6-9pm SLT on the sim Lo Lo.

(whoops! It is 6-9pm not 6-8pm like I had previously posted.)


Anonymous said...

congrats caroline. how you've managed to keep your sunny side up throughout is an amazing feat for someone so old (teehee). j/k. love ya and will attend if at all possible. i'll be the one in the full sunflower plant suit. that's plant suit, not pant suit. you'll have to see it.

Caroline Apollo said...

hehe Hi encore! I can't wait to see it. Sounds so cute!