Monday, January 28, 2008

(Caroline's) XOXO Victor, Victrola

Another jewel inspired from the show Gossip Girl. This one a black pearl necklace with a white knotted pearl necklace together.

Victor, Victrola: Guess who's not so innocent.. B was seen dancing on stage with some moves nobody knew she had! Almost better than her moves were the two exquisite Pearl Necklaces she was wearing. And you can guess what happened later in the limo ride..

Get this necklace at Caroline's Jewelry on the sim Lo Lo.

as always, more to follow..



Anonymous said...

I love your stuff. How nice...I'm going to come BUY (get it) tonight to see your your blog.

Caroline Apollo said...

Ellie blogged about it over here.

Thanks Ellie!

Caroline Apollo said...

Thanks Kallisto

cabaretchatnoir said...

I love it!!! I will have to pick it up!!!

Adia Clary

Caroline Apollo said...

=] yay thanks!