Thursday, February 07, 2008

2 Events This Saturday

Stupid Cupid Party: This Saturday, February 9, on the sim Lo Lo will be a Valentine's Candied Heart Hunt beginning at noon slt. From 3-4pm slt will be Grand Master Reggae Artist, Naphtali Hawks, followed by DJ Madame Maracas from 4-6pm slt with 50's music and theme. This hunt will end Feb. 14th.

Grid Wide Treasure Hunt: Also this Saturday is a Grid Wide Valentine's Treasure Hunt! Over 30 designers will hide gifts for you in their stores. The boxes will be moved around randomly in the stores. Hunt begins at Sweet Sorrow sim but not until Saturday, February 9th at 1am slt and ends February 11 at 11pm slt. I will have a floating silver pendant necklace with matching earrings waiting for you to find.


Arianna Psaltery said...

Marking my calendar for the big day :D

Anonymous said...

SOLD, love that set. I think I got lost in your store the other day and bought almost everything : )

Caroline Apollo said...

thanks Kallisto! This will be free until Feb 11th. Hidden in the store of course :p

Tomorrow Arianna! yay!

I've made a few other things for the sim hunt. Those will be hidden outside.. maybe inside too.. hehe