Friday, May 23, 2008

(Caroline's) RFL Fairy Flower Faberge Egg

(Caroline's) RFL 2008 Fairy Flower Faberge Egg & Jewelry.
The first RFL Faberge Egg was created as an exclusive item in 2006. It was the Pink Bliss Faberge Egg and came with a custom set of jewelry. The person who purchased this particular one-of-a-kind has asked me to re-release the egg. As it is a one of a kind and RFL auction item I didn't think it would be fair to release an exact duplicate. I have decided that for each RFL year I will use the same egg decor with a different color scheme. The jewelry will either be in a new color or totally recreated for each year. No two years will ever have the same exact RFL Faberge Egg & Jewelry.

For 2008 the RFL Faberge Egg is a dark tint purple with silver decorations. On touch the egg opens to reveal a basket of purple flowers. A dainty fairy can be seen fluttering all around the flowers.

The jewelry for this set is a Fairy Flower Necklace, comprised of 203 delicately placed prims. The flowers on the necklace are the same color purple as the egg with green leaves flowing around the neckline. Tiny purple flowers for earrings match the necklace to complete the look.

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