Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I have toes!

First let me say, I am not a reviewer of any sort. But, I Have to share with you that I have toes! New pretty shiny toes! I even have a toe ring! I saw these shoes on Encore Mayne (she blogged them too) when she was visiting the other day, and I immediately had to have some. This might be old news to some of you, they've been out since around June. But nobody that I know has seen them yet. So let me share. The shoes are from J's MainShop in TSUKISHIMA. One pair was 350L and the other 400L. You can change the polish from just a few choices, wear a toe ring on either or both feet and choose from two designs, and change the skin color. All done with an easy to use menu. There are only a few shoes to choose from in a variety of colors. They are a definitely a must have. You'll find the shoes in the back of his store. Though they need to be right upfront.

The super cute outfit that I have on comes from:
Babydoll top from CKSD - Breeze Pack.
Dark Jeans Capris from PERSONA.
Skin from SODA.
Jessica Hair from ETD.
Pose from Torrid.

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Nikki said...

I know! I absolutely love J's concept ... I'm anxiously awaiting a new line of shoes from them incorporating the sculpted toes!!!

I was also pleasantly surprised at how ridiculously easy it was to adjust the coloring to my avatar's skin. A gazillion kudos to the creator!

Got mine from the Shoe Expo a week ago!