Friday, October 03, 2008

Caroline's Jewelry Fall 08

Several new items that you will find in my store and at the Jewelry Expo.

-Enamel Diamonds & Gold Bangles with Matching Rings in 4 new rich colors. You can find a bundle pack at the jewelry expo and save $200L.
-Gold & Silver Interlaced Necklace. This long necklace will go with anything.
-Athena Chocolate Pearl Necklace. Scripted to hide/show the charm, turn bright on/off, and change the metal from gold to silver.
-Bauble Flower Rings in White, Black, and Chocolate Pearl. Big Statement Rings.
-Satin Ribbon Cameo Necklace. Scripted to change the cameo face from 9 selections. The ribbon ties are flexi. A free version that is not scripted can be found at the Jewelry Expo.

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Caroline Apollo said...

Elysium Eilde captures the chocolate pearls and bauble ring.
4th picture