Saturday, September 05, 2009

September at Caroline's

New and updated cameo jewelry.

- Cameo Lockets are now transferable. You can still buy copy/no transfer on (note I have not put anything new on xstreet, yet)
- New colors. Besides new cameo faces you can get the cameos in black metal. Not just gold and silver.
- Fat packs. Most items can be bought in fat packs. Such as rings and bracelets.
- New items. So many new things!

The cameo charm set will go with all of the cameo jewelry in store. The earrings have been updated and now available in black metal. The bracelet is totally new. Each cameo item comes scripted to change the cameo face by touch.

Stop by the store to see all of the new things located in the cameo section. New hair sticks in the main area.

In world September group gift located at the front of the store!


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