Friday, February 04, 2011

(Caroline's Jewelry) @ Originals Fair

Caroline's Jewelry has three new releases at the I heart Originals Fair. The event runs from Saturday, February 5-13th. The fair also has a photo contest that I'm sure you'll want to enter. info here. And you can spot some new releases from other designers here.

Caroline's Jewelry Bloomin Gems (blue-green)

Bloomin Gems is made up of several gemstones paired up together to create a beautiful flower. You will find matching earrings, a statement ring, two bracelets and the statement necklace. Each item is resizer equipped. Available in (black/blue), (blue/green)shown, (red/white), (orange/brown)

Caroline's Jewelry Hearts a Cluster

A cluster of many hearts surround a brilliant diamond sitting in the center. Surround yourself with love and this Hearts a Cluster Ring from Caroline's. Available in Rose, Gold, and Silver.

Caroline's Jewelry Cabochon Earrings - Blues

Caroline's used the 2011 Spring Pantone Colors on the newest earrings to the collection. This cabochon set comes in Various Blues, Pastels, and Warm Colors. 12 Pairs total. All are resizer equipped in case you want them even larger!

Remember, the fair isn't open until Saturday! Here is the Slurl

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