Monday, November 14, 2011

Rainbow for Luna

Rainbow for Luna

This image isn't as much about what I am wearing as it is about who it's for. Luna Jubilee has done so much for the fashion community that we are showing her our appreciation with a Rainbow themed fashion picture. The conclusion of 52 weeks of color was recently. I find it amazing that Luna made a 52 week challenge and posted every single week! A lot of you joined in with her. Committing to something weekly is quite the challenge. I didn't participate in the challenge because, quite honestly, I am too lazy. But, I do appreciate Luna Jubilee. Thank you Luna for everything that you do!

What I am wearing:
!Bang: Stand 213 & 219
Ingenue: Clara Shoes, Bijou Dress (top), Katherine in Tweed Trousers
Miriel: Watercolor Eyes
[e]: Soft Hair
::[ Mr.Poet ]::Wide Scarf
(Caroline's Jewelry) Multi Gem Flower Statement Ring Gold (worn as a brooch)
Location: !Bang @ Lo Lo

1 comment:

Luna Jubilee said...

Thank YOU for all you do. I'm so happy to have really gotten to know you this past 18 months (since moving to LoLo). It really feels like home for me.

Thank you <3