Friday, December 30, 2011

Caroline's @ Etheria

Caroline's Jewelry Fallen Jewelry Set in Black

January 1-8, 2012

This year's theme for Etheria is "Painted Ladies of the Old West." Mouse Mimistrobell and Kesseret Steeplechase have invited a few jewelers to participate in this event. The jewelers in turn invite a clothing designer to collaborate on an outfit. Most of the time the clothing is chosen first, and then a piece of jewelry is selected to go with. With this event the jewelry is chosen first, and the clothing to finish. Painted ladies of the old west were also known as fallen frails and soiled doves, among other names.

Caroline's Jewelry has chosen Anessa Stine of DCNY to collaborate with in Etheria. The jewelry consists of many chain links draping down from a choker necklace. Beads dangle from the delicate piece. Matching earrings in chandelier style compliment the necklace by consisting of many beads held together by chain links.

The clothing is called Feathered Lady. Appropriate to the them, the lower half of the outfit is made of feathers, a corset on top that is tied in the back, and long black stockings with a back seam.

You can find these in Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, and Black.

I am leaving town before Etheria opens, but I'm sure you will get the LM from one of the other amazing designers.

Etheria2 - Painted Lady Participant List
Jewelry Designers
1. Kesseret Steeplechase / MIAO working with Sanura Snowpaw, Somnia
2. Caroline Apollo / Caroline's Jewelry working with Anessa Stine, DCNY
3. Lola Heinrichs / Lolapop working with Allegory Malaprop, Schadenfreude
4. Mouse Mimistrobell / Dark Mouse working with Sienia Trevellion, Lark!
5. Squinternet Larnia / Donna Flora working with Giz Seorn, GizzA Creations
6. Liliana Barrs / Undefined Lilies working with Dakota Buck, Whippet & Buck

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