Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween Treats

bakery halloween goods

Lately the cupcakes and other treats being released in SecondLife have been so irresistible. They are my favorite things to collect (along with cats). The Schadenfreude Chibi Cats (Pumpkin and Batcat) from The Arcade are guarding my PILOT Candy Sticks in Orange/Black. Take one if you dare! O.M.E.N. recently celebrated his one year anniversary. He says that his store started with a gacha, so for his one year celebration he made a super cute halloween gacha. It is filled with cupcakes, candy jars, drinks, cake keepers, and such. Also haunting my bakery are adorable pumpkins from +Half-Deer+. You can only get these from the RMK Halloween Hunt. Come enjoy a cupcake with me at my bakery on Lo Lo!

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