Friday, August 11, 2006


I really don't want my blog to be a whine fest. But really this has to be said.

We are losing the forums, some what. I myself think that this is a bad idea. It pretty much kept me up to date on new releases, events, hacks/exploits - pretty much everything SL. I do Not read the Events listing because it is 98% sex events, I can't possibly read everyone's blog, nor can the bloggers blog about everyone's release. The forums are great as they are, and I hope someone (maybe SLUniverse) will be the new forums to go to. It is kind of funny though, the Lindens are taking away the forums because it is just too much to moderate. Now everyone has something to say about the forum blog and the Lindens are having to read and moderate Every single comment posted to the blog. So really, why not leave the forums. But, enough about this, there has been a greater loss.

The most amazing sculpture artist has left SL. Starax packed up his things and left. We really wouldn't had let him go if we knew beforehand, so he did the right thing by leaving quietly. If he had only left his vendors though... I will cherish every item he made for me and the others I have collected. He was so funny and great to hang with, and I know he was a teacher to many people. I hope he comes back one day. Good luck to you, Starax.

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