Friday, February 17, 2012

Carolines @ Festival of Sin

Caroline's Jewelry Tangled Mess

Caroline's Jewelry is participating in this year's Festival of Sin. The theme given to Caroline's is Sloth. I found this somewhat hard to fit into. Lust, greed, envy, or vain sounds easier. As I thought about sloths, and what they would be like, I imagined them laying around and being very messy. Which led me to this necklace. I believe if their jewelry got into a tangled mess, then so be it. They would surely not untangle it or care. Hope you enjoy my tangled mess.

Available in Black, Silver, and Gold metals.

Caroline's Jewelry Sluggard

Sluggard is another necklace that I made for the festival. It is black cord with black and white pearls. A simple necklace that would go with anything. It was made for women, but could possibly work for men. It is resizer equipped.

Get these all Saturday, February 18 at the Festival of Sin!

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