Sunday, February 26, 2012

(Caroline's Jewelry) White Cat Pendant Necklace

Caroline's Jewelry White Cat Pendant

Someone in SL sent me a message requesting a white cat version of my black cat necklace. Her friend had just lost her white cat. So sad. I made the necklace for her and heard that she really liked it! The friend helped pick out just the right white color. Just like the black cat and longer chain version, this necklace is only L$75. Right now only in my mainstore, but soon also at my kittycat shacks.


Also, you just have a couple of hours left for the Super Bargain Saturday event. This pearls & cameo necklace is only L$60 until midnight (or until I wake up Sunday).

Caroline's Jewelry Pearls & Cameo Black Gold

!Bang Pose
Ingenue clothes
Pink Fuel skin
elikatira hair
Top picture - Chelle makeup

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