Sunday, July 08, 2007

Cameo Necklaces

Nicola Cameo Necklace that you can open and close Plus add your photo in! The cameo comes in Blue, Red, or Black and set in either Silver or Gold.

To match it are Cameo Earrings of the same colors. Sold separately.

These are all No Transfer, but please shop or for gift purchases.

I have also placed out a limited time freebie Vintage Diamond Bracelet. You can find it with the cameos as you come in the entryway.

Find them in my store, Caroline's Jewelry, on the sim Lo Lo.


Ana Lutetia said...


Caroline Apollo said...

Thanks! I am really happy with how they came out!

Caroline Apollo said...

Shopping Cart Disco gives us a history lesson on cameos and shows off the Nicola cameo necklace.