Friday, November 02, 2007

2 Cute Necklaces

Yes they are too cute! 2 new necklaces at Caroline's Jewelry on the sim Lo Lo.

Oilell Chalice Necklace. The color scheme was suggested by Oilell and I must say it came out beautiful!

Solitaire Ring on a Necklace. This really has a touching story about how it came to be. This ring has color change (gold/silver) and twinkle (on/off)

Get these from Caroline's Jewelry on the sim Lo Lo.


Anonymous said...

okay. are we gonna hear the "touching story"

Caroline Apollo said...

oh no! I couldn't! But its so touching! Maybe if the person who knows who they are wants to share then sure. But no. :p

*hugs you*

Arianna Psaltery said...


I like the delicate work on the chalice necklace :)