Thursday, November 08, 2007

A new release, but it isn't jewelry

I'm kind of embarrassed to share this (cause I'm shy), but my friends thought I should. Plus they were too cheap to buy the book.

I did this interview awhile ago, as did many other SLers. The book is finally out. I scanned a couple of pages that had my picture or stuff on them and uploaded them to flickr.

And this link is great! Check it out!


Hethr said...

I think that is great! What book is that from?

Grazia said...

HEMA is such a great shop, their slogan used to be "Waar zouden we zijn zonder de HEMA" or "Where would we be without HEMA" I never check their internetsite though as they do a lot of print advertising as well.. Guess I should check it every now and then hahahaha... you made my day!

Caroline Apollo said...

hey hethr, its "the entrepreneur's guide to second life"

grazia, I have never visited that site before yesterday. I'll have to check back often then.

Arianna Psaltery said...

wow that's awesome :) You're FAMOUS :D

EnCore Mayne said...

congrats on the inclusion caroline. sure llooks() llike() it's a real page turner. far more technical than what i'd be able to manage. hell, if i can't click it to turn the page, what's up with that?

Caroline Apollo said...


arianna, I am far from famous!

encore, I read through it this weekend and thought it had some great tips! Very easy reading too!